In the fight against war, there is no price for peace.

According to the daily mail correspondent:

Putin’s Children’s War Polina’s younger brother is fighting for his life in hospital, ignorant that his mother, father, and sister were killed in a Russian missile strike on a kindergarten.

The lives of Polina’s brother and sister, the Harry Potter-obsessed Ukrainian 10-year-old child who Russians shot along with her parents, are still in jeopardy today, as is the life of a little girl who was blown up together with five others when a missile hit a kindergarten.

On Saturday, Polina was one of three family members killed in their automobile by one of Putin’s sabotage and reconnaissance groups working in the city.

Anton Kudrin, his wife Svetlana Zapadynskaya, and their middle daughter were killed in a shower of gunfire. In contrast, their eldest daughter Sofia and youngest son Semyon were injured and remain in critical condition in hospital, ignorant that their family had been killed.

A moving photograph of a family, head down, grasping Semyon’s hand as he lies sick on a ventilator, encapsulates how Putin’s war targets people and continues to wreak havoc on Ukraine’s youngest and most vulnerable. Since last Thursday, 16 children have died, and 45 have been injured, with the death toll anticipated to rise later today.

The world has been shocked by the Russians’ savage treatment of Ukraine’s children, especially after it was discovered that one boy with bullet wounds died on the route to the hospital after the invaders shot down his ambulance.

Images of the so-called girl in the pink unicorn pajamas’ senseless murder horrified the globe yesterday. The six-year-old girl lay gravely wounded in a paramedic’s cart, being cradled by her blood-soaked father, surrounded by physicians and nurses — one of the youngest victims of Putin’s ruthless campaign on her country.

Yesterday, Vladimir Bondarenko, the deputy mayor of Kyiv, published a photo of Polina, a joyful pink-haired schoolgirl. ‘Her name was Polina,’ Mr Bondarenko added. She was in Kyiv’s 4th grade at the time. Russian DRG assassinated her and her parents.’ The 10-year-old was in her final year of elementary school when she was murdered, and she was a massive fan of the Harry Potter books.

On Friday, Alisa Plans, seven years old, was one of six persons killed when her kindergarten was bombed on the second day of the Russian invasion. The aftermath of the incident was captured on camera, with bodies sprawled around the entrance and workers attempting to flee with the children.

The attack injured at least one youngster who was hiding in the nursery.

Alisa, who was three months away from turning eight, died in hospital on Saturday after the attack in the small town of Okhtyrka, around an hour’s drive from Ukraine’s north-east border, according to prosecutor general Irina Venediktova.

The Russian military was accused of employing cluster bombs in the attack, with many explosions from a single bomb visible in the damaged kindergarten. The Kremlin has refuted the charges.

When five members of the same family came under fire near the southern city of Kherson, a six-year-old girl named Sofia Fedko and her brother Ivan, who was only a few weeks old, died. On the first day of the conflict, the children’s mother, Irina, and two grandparents, both 56, died.

A shell struck apartments in the small village of Chuhuiv in eastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv area on the second day of conflict, killing an unknown youngster.

According to a local doctor, a ten-year-old kid died of gunshot wounds on his way to Kyiv’s Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital on Friday night. The youngster was ‘in the ambulance, and the ambulance was also under gunshot,’ according to Dr. Andrey Vysotskyi.

Children are among the 500,000+ individuals attempting to depart Ukraine for the West, many of whom have been forced to bid farewell to their fathers who remain behind to fight.

Putin’s despicable war on the people of Ukraine was exposed in heartbreaking photos depicting the death of a six-year-old girl, called “the kid in the pink unicorn pyjamas,” who was one of 16 children slain in the fighting.

The heartbreaking images depicted the battle to save an unknown young girl killed when Russians shelled her Mariupol apartment building on Sunday and exemplified the devastating toll war has on civilians, particularly children.

‘Show this to Putin: The eyes of this child, and crying doctors,’ said a doctor in blue medical scrubs pumping oxygen into the youngster during the rescue operation.

Polina's younger brother Semyon Kudrin is supported by a loved one as he lies on a ventilator after being wounded by the Russians in an attack that claimed the lives of his sister and parents. His eldest sibling Sofia also hangs in the balance
daily mail
The deputy mayor of Kyiv and BBC has shared this picture of a little girl named Polina, who they say was shot and killed by the Russians while in a car with her parents. She was due to finish primary school this year
daily mail
The Harry Potter fan was due to finish primary school this year
daily mail
daily mail
Father Anton Kudrin, and wife Svetlana Zapadynskaya and their middle daughter Polina died, their eldest daughter Sofia (at the back) and youngest son Semyon (right) were badly wounded
daily mail

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