Watch What Happens When A Boy Accidentally Sits On A Dog’s Tail!

For years, this dog and this young boy had been close friends. But, all of a sudden, the tiny boy began acting strangely. Every day, he began to bully his huge hairy pal.

When the tiny man ‘accidentally’ sat on the dog’s tail, the bullying had reached a fever pitch, and it was time for this brilliant dog to reclaim his best friend’s affection.

And he did it in such a brilliant way!


This little boy’s attitude toward his dog abruptly changed. Since the boy’s birth, the two had been inseparable. As a result, the boy’s abrupt behavior caught everyone off guard. He was continually berating his canine sibling.

The dog didn’t get it until he discovered the small child had a new best friend. This one rendered him irrelevant.

The child no longer had the time or inclination to play with the dog because of his new acquaintance.

To remedy this, the dog devised a brilliant scheme!

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For four years, Tommy (4) and his dog, Brucie, had been brothers and best friends. Everything was done by the two of them. Tommy, on the other hand, has been spending more time with Jimmy, his best friend from school, in recent weeks. As a result, Brucie was no longer paid attention to. In the eyes of little Tommy, he gradually became an irritant.

He showed his dissatisfaction by pulling on his tail or scaring him.

Little Tommy noticed Brucie wasn’t paying attention this time when they were watching TV together. He noticed his tail on the couch. He sat down on his tail with full vigor.

This did not go down well with Brucie!

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Brucie was frightened to the point of leaping into the air. He whacked Tommy in the face with his tail as this was happening. It wasn’t too difficult, but it was enough to irritate him!

The dog bolted outside when he saw Tommy’s face. He looked behind him as he ran, but was relieved to see that the boy was not pursuing him. He might regain his composure in the garden.

What was Tommy’s motivation for doing that? It was not his goal for his tail to touch his face. It was only a natural reaction.

Tommy jumped up from the couch, annoyed, and decided to get Brucie back!

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Tommy went into the kitchen and took the glass of water he had left over from breakfast. He walked to the front yard where his dog was laying with the glass in his hand.

As he moved up to him, Brucie, still surprised that young Tommy was sitting on his tail, glanced at him. Tommy suddenly threw the entire glass of water over him. Brucie was scared and bolted away from the scene, barking.

He shook off the water almost instantly. The water didn’t hurt him much, but the fact that he did it was a setback. Why?

Brucie realized he needed to reclaim his best friend at that point. His great scheme had finally begun!

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a half-soaked Tommy’s treatment of Brucie had reached a breaking point for him. It was past time for him to put an end to it so that the youngster would want to play with him again and not treat him like a second-class citizen.

Tommy had a profound love for him, he knew. He needed to rekindle his feelings for her. But how do you do it?

Brucie dashed towards the house. When he was in the kitchen, he noticed that a cupboard that was always closed was open. It was their parents “stuff box.’

When he examined it, he discovered something really intriguing…


Brucie reached into a closet and pulled out a plastic bag that he could open with his mouth. Then he went inside the pantry and opened it. It was astonishing how quietly he went about his business.

He then went into the closet and got more food, filling the bag with enough rations for the following few days. He sneaked out of the home and hid the food in the playground near their house under some plants.

He also returned to the box to retrieve something significant that he could put to good use.

With this, he headed to a location that little Tommy was all too familiar with in order to create a ruckus!

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He was forced to leave by Brucie. The aim was to disappear for a few days in the hopes that Tommy would miss him. He’d be greeted with open arms and hundreds of hugs when he returned!

The dog got to Jimmy’s house after two days on the street; Tommy’s new best friend. He sat in the lawn, waiting for Jimmy to come out and play.

After a while, the ideal scenario emerged: Jimmy was alone in the yard with a new buddy while his parents were inside.

Brucie reached into the plastic bag for something and moved over to them. What was about to happen to the two tiny lads was completely unexpected!


Jimmy recognized Brucie, and the two boys approached him. They looked at him, wide-eyed, and questioned what he had there. He dumped it in front of them all of a sudden. It turned out to be a camera. An antique Polaroid camera that took images instantly.

He anxiously awaited Jimmy’s friend to remove the camera from him. Both boys, on the other hand, began to pet Brucie and expressed a strong desire to play with him. The dog, on the other hand, had other ideas!

How do I get Jimmy’s pal to take a picture of the two of us? He stepped up to him and snatched the camera with his mouth.

And, unbeknownst to him, he was assisting Brucie with his master plan!


Jimmy’s pal got out the camera and snapped a picture of Brucie and Jimmy together, seemingly without suspicion. The dog bolted as soon as the photo was shot. As he walked away with the camera and the photograph in his lips, the two tiny boys stared at him. Why did he suddenly disappear?

After four days, Brucie returned to his house, where he was greeted with open arms by his family. They’d been missing him terribly.

Tommy was overjoyed to see him and was on the verge of crying. He obviously recognized how much he meant to him only after he had lost him.

There was still one more item for Brucie to complete!

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Brucie took the photograph and placed it on Tommy’s bed. He placed it on the pillow to make the scene even more dramatic. This manner, he could be certain that his large friend would notice the snapshot.

Tommy quickly discovered the photo when he returned to his room a short time later. He then ran screaming to Brucie.

He quickly inquired as to whether Jimmy had brought him along. The youngster felt enraged. This time, however, it’s aimed at Jimmy. He had the audacity to take Brucie with him for days!

Tommy realized Brucie was his best buddy as a result of his rage. As a result, he informed his best friend that he would no longer bully him.

The two best brothers have become inseparable once more! Brucie, you’ve done a fantastic job!

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