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Watching Someone You Love Die

Watching someone you
Love Die is an image you
Never forget. ~unknown~

Our strength in life is determined by the people around us. They are the ones that will bring in a variety of emotions in our life and they will help us push the boundaries and always try to surpass ourselves. However, this can also be a weakness. As life goes on, we get attached to friends and family, and we are heavily connected to them.
That’s why seeing someone you love die is one of those things that you can never forget. It might not seem like a lot at first, but it will definitely have a huge impact on you, the way you feel and how you are handling everything.
But seeing how the life of someone you love goes away right in front of your eyes will move you. It’s the type of thing that you will never forget. It’s the last time you are seeing that person, and because of that it’s an extremely challenging time and a very emotional experience. Of course not everyone will experience it the same, because every connection you have with your loved ones is different. It’s all a matter of understanding what causes the issue and what brings challenges.
Even if you will make changes to your life and try to move on, something like this will always stay with you. If anything, this should encourage you to protect your loved one’s legacy, all while reminding yourself that every second matters. You need to assess all the challenges and make the most out of the remaining time you have on Earth!

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  1. The future for girls is bright and safe as The World is witnessing changes in attitudes and thoughts about women’s Equality and Dignity in every aspect of Life ,Happy Women’s Day to all the Splendid and Strong Women .

  2. This is so true,we were next to my mom when she took her last breath……..then 6 months and 1 week with my Dad when he died,i will never forget thepainful memories

  3. I was with both my parents when they passed. I never wanted anyone to be alone when they passed. It was very hard. The sadness was draining. I kept thinking. I can get through this, they can’t. It sure put everything in it’s place.❣️No regrets❣️
    They were both character building experiences. I hold it very near and dear to my heart as a very personal, intimate experience, between myself and them~❣️

  4. Was with both my mom and dad when they passed. Both were on hospice and at my house. I will never regret it. Being with them until the end is a gift I will
    Always cherish.

    1. I was not with my Dad when he died! I had seen him the day before and said see you tomorrow! He died on his front porch, alone. I was not with my mother when she died. I had stayed real late at the home because she was in a strange mood and was talking crazy! I hated to leave her and I should have spent the night. They called the next morning. She had died! She had a black and blue mark on her forehead. No one could explain it. I was in such shock I didn’t pursue it. My mama was gone, all by herself! I was not with my husband when he died. He had ALS and was bad! He woke me up one night to give him some pain medication. After a while he told me to go back to bed he would be all right. A few hours later I got up to check on him! He was dead in the bathroom. All by himself! I should have stayed up with him. All these regrets!

  5. I was blessed to be with my daughter when she died after fighting breast cancer for 6 years, She got it at 27 and left 3 young children!

  6. Two and a half years ago I watched my husband die. It was unexpected. It was a very painful moment I’ll never forget that. The pain is still here at times.

  7. My wonderful adult son passed away 4 years ago, thanking God for the memories and the mercy he should us both. My advice would be for loved ones to try to make them proud, Not to fall into depression and sadness. Carry on their wishes, finish their unfinished business, and celebrate the life you had with them.

  8. I was with my love for twenty eight years and didn’t know that it was coming.
    He had made several comments to me and I begged him not to think that way and to stay strong.
    Within minutes of me exiting the car and walking around to his side he was gone. It was tthe hardest thing that I’ve ever gone through but im so glad that he was with me for his last breath!!
    I love you Thomas and miss you every minute of every waking day.
    Make sure that you are waiting for me, for I cannot wait to be with you again my love!

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