What was the strange “egg” that emerged on the ceiling of her chamber, a lady posted on Facebook?

On the internet, a picture has become very popular.

It first appears to be a bizarre egg attached to the space’s roof. Everyone immediately imagined something dreadful, especially since the woman who released the images asked for help.

All Internet users who had the opportunity to view a picture of an odd egg hanging from the ceiling felt goosebumps. A heated argument and a whirlwind of emotions were sparked by the egg dripping from a room’s ceiling.

“Does anybody know what that is?” On the ceiling of the room, a bizarre egg materialized.

This is in a friend’s son’s closet. They are unsure whether he has always been present, if they have just noticed him, or if he has just recently appeared. They haven’t relocated there for a very long time.

Is anyone familiar with it? The narrator asks, “And what should she do?” Amy made a message on a well-liked Facebook page for Australians, according to 7news.com.au.

No one knew what was hanging from the ceiling, despite a flurry of comments to the tweet. Others believed it to be a box of spider eggs. The house might been infested anytime, and everyone expected to find eggs inside.

If we were living billions of years ago, the commenter on the internet said, “I would have claimed it was a dinosaur egg.”

“My husband worked with the rodent and thinks it’s a nest of spiders with eggs. You can vacuum it and then liberally put insecticide on it. “If it’s a spider’s nest, there will be thousands of them there,” another internet user suggested as a remedy.

“I advise a protective suit, insect spray, and fire; stab him and see what happens; at least you’ll be ready,” said another person.

What was the peculiar egg hanging from the ceiling, exactly?

But everyone was speechless when it was made clear what it was. The riddle was solved by Amy’s father-in-law, who “intervened” by putting his heart between his teeth.

Few people would have suspected that the unusual egg was only a piece of expanding roofing foam that had gotten into the house’s ceiling.

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