When a 15-year-old mother places her kid for adoption, he swears he’ll be there behind her 35 years later.

Stacey Faix was barely a teenager when she became pregnant. When she gave birth to her son at the age of 15, she was still a child herself and decided to place him for adoption.

He was whisked away after she gave birth, never to be seen again, or so she believed.

Adoptees in Pennsylvania were granted access to their original birth certificates after a new law was passed in November 2017. Stephen Strawn, an adoptee, was overjoyed by the news.

Strawn knew he wanted his information when he heard about the new law. Within a month, he obtained his birth certificate, which contained information that had previously been lost.

After learning his biological mother’s name, he told Inside Edition, “It was a great breath of relief.”

Strawn looked up ‘Stacey Faix’ the name on Facebook. Strawn has been gifted to find the girl in question, OR discover her who resembled that girl.

“I sent her a message and said, ‘Hey, I have a really strange inquiry,'” says the author. Strawn remarked. “‘Had she placed a sweetie child up for taking on in year 1982?’ I inquired. ‘Yes,’ this girl replied. “I believe you are my biological mother,” I said.

Faix, who had tried unsuccessfully to locate her son, and Strawn turned out to have a lot in common, despite the fact that they had been never looked and talked about a long time (35 years).

Despite the fact that she has been lived in ‘Ohio’, this lady planned to participate ‘Pittsburgh Half Marathon’ as a member of RWB Team (Red, White, and Blue), a group that ‘Strawn’ too belonged to in Pennsylvania. Strawn was also scheduled to compete in the same event.

Strawn designed a strategy that was well worth the wait on race day.

Someone handed Faix a card Team RWB membership card, when assembled before the race. “It’s been 13,075 days since you last saw me,” the card stated. I have not wanted you waiting another time.”

This woman jaw drooped.

“I think we hugged at least ten times,” Strawn added. “After we’ve finished hugging, we take a moment to stare at each other before cuddling again. It seemed very weird that it was finally occurring because everything occurred so quickly.”

Both (the mother and son) combo ran this ‘marathon’ together, apparently to make up for whole time they had lost.

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