When a boy miraculously saves his father from being crushed by a car, he believes angels were involved.

When a vehicle collided with his father, J.T. was thrust into a life-threatening situation, and it was up to him to complete an impossible assignment.

Are you a believer in miracles? What about angels, for example?

There is so much more to learn and discover as we discuss these topics.

If you don’t believe in angels, after reading this story, you might.

Source: YouTube East Idaho News

It’s as though life had a way of turning everyday people into heroes.

A small boy’s bravery spared his father from being crushed by a car in this incredible story.

Source: YouTube East Idaho News

J.T. Parker was once a hero as a little boy. He was given an impossible task: he had to save his father.

J.T., on the other hand, asserts that he wasn’t alone.
The eight-year-old believes he was helped by “angels” throughout the incident.

Source: YouTube East Idaho News

J.T., Mason, J.T.’s teenage brother, and Stephen Parker, J.T.’s father, were working on their automobile in the garage at home in Sugar City, Idaho, on a hot July afternoon.

J.T.’s 17-year-old brother sliced his hand and went inside for medical attention.

Stephen continued to work on the vehicle while his son was away. He explained in an interview with East Idaho News:

“We were removing the engine from the automobile, and once we jacked it up, I climbed down there to remove the axels.”

Source: YouTube East Idaho News

“One axle came off rather easy, but the other side was proving difficult to remove.”

Stephen became entrapped.

By jostling the second axle, J.T.’s father made a horrible decision. He was pinned beneath the Toyota Prius as it ploughed into him.

He begged for J.T. to come to his aid, but he doubted his tiny son could jack the automobile from his chest.

Source: YouTube East Idaho News

“On the other side of the automobile, I yelled to J.T., ‘Jack it up quick!’ ‘Jack it up as soon as possible!'” East Idaho News received a report from Stephen.

“I couldn’t move a muscle in my body.” I was completely entrapped before passing out. Everything was in his hands, and I thought to myself, ‘This is it.’ He’ll never be able to jack up this automobile because it took both my 17-year-old son and me to do it the first time.”

J.T.’s father was having trouble breathing.

The clock was ticking, and J.T. knew it was up to him to save his father before it was too late.

Source: YouTube East Idaho News

But how was he going to jack the car back up at 50 pounds?
J.T. kept leaping on the jack handle for the next 15 minutes while the automobile slowly rose off of his father.

“It was terrifying, and I didn’t believe I’d be able to jack the car up,” J.T. remembered, “but I just kept trying.”

Source: YouTube East Idaho News

The automobile eventually began to slowly climb. Once it was high enough off his father, J.T. raced inside and got his brother to phone for help.

Because he passed out, Stephen has little recollection of what transpired.

“All I recall is feeling at peace,” Stephen explained.

Source: YouTube East Idaho News

“I recall seeing white, as if it were a pleasant sunny day.” The clouds passed past, and everything seemed to be pleasant and tranquil.”

Jodi Parker, J.T.’s mother, felt that there was no other explanation for what had transpired.

“Everything has turned out to be a miracle.” “There’s no other way to put it,” Jodi explained.


Fortunately, Stephen only suffered 13 broken ribs as a result of the terrible occurrence.

Stephen’s grandfather and sister, both of whom have passed away, are said to have assisted J.T. in lifting the car. They also recorded a video of the child attempting to recreate the scenario by jacking up the vehicle once more. He was unable to accomplish so, though.

Listen to the family discuss their remarkable story in the video below!

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