When a hairdresser cuts a man’s hair, she notices something in his hair that she doesn’t expect.

She began highlighting this man’s hair after she had completed shaving the sides of his head. For his long-awaited vacation, the man wanted to appear his best.

But she received the shock of her life when the hairdresser moistened his hair and brushed it to the side.

She discovered something strange in the man’s hair that would impact their lives forever…


“It had to be done on the sides and the top had to be blonder.” Pedro (26) explained this to Anna, his hairstylist (42). He wanted a haircut while on vacation in Miami from Brazil.

Fortunately, he called Anna’s Hairdresser Boutique at the perfect time. She had worked in sunny Miami for over two decades and had seen every haircut that had come and gone.

So she started cutting Pedro’s hair. But she was taken aback when she combed his hair to the side! She screamed, her voice trembling:

“What the hell is this?” says the narrator.

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Anna couldn’t believe her eyes. She dropped her scissors and took a step back in surprise. Her face became white all of a sudden. She completely lost it for a moment. It appeared as if she had seen a ghost.

Pedro gazed in the mirror at her. He couldn’t figure out what was going on. Is it possible that she cut her hand? He turned back and expressed his surprise at Anna’s reaction.

“What’s going on?” says the narrator. Pedro inquired of his hairstylist.


A colleague was promptly summoned by the astonished hairdresser. He had a feeling something wasn’t quite right. Because of Anna’s reaction, the entire barbershop came to a halt for a little moment. Even long-time customers had never seen the proprietor so agitated.

Two more hairstylists joined in. Anna pointed to something in Pedro’s hair with a shaky finger. She combed her hair out of the way so that they could see it.

Suddenly, her two coworkers screamed as well!

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Pedro became agitated. “WHAT’S IN MY HAIR?” he yelled, a little nervously. “What are you staring at?”

Anna informed him that she had never seen anything like that in her life. She also didn’t dare to touch it. Pedro reached out to place his hand over it, but Anna snatched it. “Don’t touch it,” says the narrator. She exclaimed, “I already know who to contact!”

She picked up the phone and dialled Eric’s number. He was a cop, and he assumed he would know what to do in this strange scenario. “As soon as possible, please come here!”


In his police cruiser, Eric sped over. He entered the hair salon fifteen minutes later. He picked up on the strained environment right away. Anna motioned for him to come over to her. The officer was completely unaware of what was going on.

“What’s the matter, Anna?” Eric inquired, perplexed. She didn’t say anything, but she brushed Pedro’s hair away. She urged the officer to have a look at it carefully.

Eric bowed his head forward and focused on the unexpected discovery; he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what it was.

“We need to move quickly!”


Pedro appeared at the Genevieve Auction in Monaco a week later. He waited for the final hammer stroke with a huge smile on his face.

For days, he had been anticipating this moment. He’d be a millionaire in a matter of minutes if everything went according to plan. Of course, looking back on that time, he could never have predicted that he would one day be standing there.

And he owed a lot of it to Anna.

Because what they pulled from his hair was beyond description…

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Pedro was working near the Amazon a few days before going on vacation to Miami and ending up in Anna’s barber chair. He built roads here to make it easier for residents to travel back and forth.

This is most likely when everything went down. Something happened to Pedro in the wilderness without his knowledge, and he was on his way to becoming a millionaire.

Something fell from the tree and got caught in his hair…

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During the haircut, Anna discovered that Pedro’s hair had a strange-looking insect lodged in it. It turned out to be a ‘Stag’ beetle in the end.

The little thing remained still, as if he had gone out from the fall. Pedro was unaware that something was stuck in his hair as a result of this.

This beetle species is the world’s rarest and most valuable insect. Collectors will occasionally search for a copy for the rest of their lives. That’s why everyone was so excited. And, when it comes to auctions, you never know how much something will end up being worth. It wasn’t definite until the hammer slammed down.

And it might occur at any time…

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“SOLD!” rang out from the auction stage! A wealthy collector from India purchased the extremely rare insect for a million dollars. This was the most money ever spent at an auction on an insect.

Pedro was ecstatic and nearly jumped over the auction house’s wall. But he wasn’t the only one who benefited from the money.

Because he gave Anna, his discoverer, a half-million dollar reward. She couldn’t believe her good fortune when she found out. And it’s all because Pedro went into her small barbershop one day!

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