When a mother posts a photo on social media, father notices something and immediately calls a doctor.

On Halloween day, this family spent time outside together. Their mother had sewn them the most beautiful dresses in the area, which she proudly displayed in the garden.

They were so proud of themselves as a family that they wanted the rest of the world to know. The three children sat for the camera, and their mother captured this sweet image. She hoped for a lot of likes when she posted it on social media.

But no one predicted their father’s terrifying response after seeing the picture. This was something he noticed…

It was Halloween, the spookiest day of the year for American children. This was likewise the case for Lily (3) and Jessie (3), as well as Justin, their older brother (8).

Every year, their mother sewed the costumes for her children herself, and she was overjoyed when her children appeared to be having the most fun of all the neighborhood kids.

However, this year’s holiday was a little different from prior years. Because Halloween has turned into a nightmare for these parents…

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The day didn’t start out very well: the kids had to go to school, which gave Susan (33) time to decorate the house and finish her children’s costumes.

She was frantically sewing the finishing touches to her daughter’s pumpkin costume and her son’s cape. Then it was time to relax and enjoy yourself.

She stared at her works with a grin on her face. Susan knew the kids would freak out when they saw their costumes when they got home from school.

And she was absolutely correct…

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The party began as soon as the kids returned home from school and entered the living room. They screamed with delight as they lifted the costumes from the table and wore them over their heads.

Justin had to creep all the way into his part. From the Spiderman series, he was ‘Venom.’ He pretended to be a spider and tossed his fake web towards his sisters.

In turn, his sisters dressed up and went around the house, attempting to scare their mother. “Give us chocolates or your life will end!” they joked.

But the giggling will soon come to a stop…

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Because the jubilant atmosphere gave way to disappointment when Thomas (36), the family’s father, called to say he had to work extra and hence couldn’t come along to pick up treats.

The children stared at their mothers, unsure. “Is it true that daddy isn’t coming?” Their father worked a lot and had little time for his children as a result.

He had, however, assured them that he would come along this time to pick up candy. However, he had to disappoint his children once more.

Much to his wife’s chagrin…

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She threw the phone back into the holder, enraged. How was he able to pull that off? He made a promise!

When she turned back and pointed at her children, though, her rage seemed to vanish like snow in the light.

She smiled broadly and patted her children on the head. “Head up, boys!” she exclaimed enthusiastically. “Together, we’re going to have a celebration!”

However, the celebration did not turn out as they had intended…

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It was time to leave at the end of the afternoon, after dinner. Susan and the kids left wearing a heavy sweater under their costumes.

But only after she’d snapped a great picture of her three children dressed up in their fantastic costumes. Susan exclaimed, “Smile!”

She excitedly shared the photo on social media before heading out with her children. Susan had already seen half of the area when she saw something odd…

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Her phone continued to vibrate in her pocket. She initially ignored it. It was most likely unimportant. People that wished her a good Christmas or something like.

Susan began to reconsider her initial notion as her phone began to ring more frequently and the calls poured in faster and faster.

She grabbed her phone out of her pocket, irritated, and examined the screen. What was going on? Her hubby had 13 missed calls?!

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Susan called her husband back as soon as she could. “Honey, what’s going on?” she exclaimed, her voice trembling. Her husband claimed to have seen the photo on social media and saw a bulge on his son’s finger.

“What is the cause of my son’s swollen finger?” he stated “Right now, he needs to go to the hospital.” Susan, on the other hand, burst out laughing when she heard this.

“This morning, Justin got stung by a wasp,” she explained. “There’s nothing to be concerned about.”

Thomas breathed a sigh of relief as he heard this. He was so taken aback that he was already driving home. As a result, the family received the Halloween celebration they had dreamed for: an all-family gathering.

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