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When a woman discovers a bag in her parents’ house, she bursts into tears when she opens it.

For good cause, this woman hadn’t visited her parents in years. However, when both of her parents died unexpectedly, the family home was given to her.

She came in and remembered everything exactly how it had been before. But she’d never noticed the secret bag before. She gingerly opened it and fell into tears right away…


Megan (32) couldn’t believe her ears when she realized she would inherit her parents’ home. After leaving her family home, she had no more touch with her parents.

Her connection with her parents had deteriorated throughout her upbringing, and by the time she was 17, she had had enough and moved to the city to live on her own.

Hearing that her parents had died was unusual enough, but hearing that they had left her was even more…

…a big abandoned house with a dark mystery hidden within…

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Megan’s day began like any other: she awoke, prepared breakfast, and headed to work. She did, however, receive an odd phone call once she arrived.

It was the notary of her parents. He expressed his heartfelt sympathies to her. Megan didn’t understand why at first, but it all made sense when the man tried to explain to her about the estate.

Her parents had passed away and left her their vast, abandoned home. Megan was taken aback by the news for a brief while. She was able to reassemble herself after that.

“What happened to them?” she said, her voice trembling.

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The notary was taken aback. Megan, he supposed, was aware of her parent’s deaths.

He hesitated, “Oh, I eh…” “Didn’t someone tell you?” With a shake of her head, Megan expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation. “No”. This made the notary feel even more uneasy.

After much stuttering, the story was ultimately told. Her parents were far too young to pass away naturally. So it’s safe to assume that something bad has occurred to them…

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Her parents had died in a vehicle accident, the notary revealed. They were on their way into town, but they never arrived.

Megan exhaled softly as she heard this. Although she had a strained relationship with her parents, she had always hoped that one day they would come to their senses.

And it was too late now. She was never going to be able to ask them why they did what they did again, and it was never going to be okay.

But, thankfully, the house remained…

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Megan had always been enamoured with the mansion. She used to adore playing hide-and-seek there when she was a kid because it was so huge.

She did not, however, play with her friends as other children do. Megan’s parents, on the other hand, were very strict.

Megan was not permitted to attend school. She was home-schooled and not permitted to interact with other kids her age.

Megan was pulled back by the warm recollections of the house…

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It took four hours to get there from the city. Megan was already done with the abandoned house when she arrived.

She got out of the car, exhausted from the long ride, and slammed the door behind her. She stared at the ancient house for a time, which looked precisely like the house she remembered.

She then walked up to the porch and inserted the key into the antique lock. The door slid open with a thud, revealing the interior of the house…

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Inside, the house appeared to be different from what she remembered. The wallpaper was peeling away from the wall, the sky was drab, and there were cobwebs wherever she looked.

Clearly, a lot of work had to be done to make this place habitable again. What had happened to her parents while she was away?

Megan moved slowly through the large house, her brows furrowed. After she left, her parents had removed all traces of her from the house.

Except for one thing. Behind the wall, she has a secret area…

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When Megan discovered the latch, she was overjoyed. Her parents had gotten rid of all of her toys and turned her room into an office, but they had forgotten about the latch.

Megan crouched down to the latch, a smile on her face. She slowly shifted the shelf to the side, revealing a blank wall on the other side.

However, it was so dark that Megan hastily reached for her phone’s flashlight. Then she discovered something truly unique…

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Except for a large, old bag, the place was absolutely vacant. Megan was intrigued, so she took the bag from behind the wall.

She stared at it intently for a few moments. It had an odd emblem on it that she couldn’t place. But she wasn’t sure where she’d seen it before.

She carefully yanked the old bag’s zipper open. But tears welled up in her eyes when she realized what was inside…


There were many antique photo books and teddy animals in the bag that belonged to her. Each photo was accompanied by a note from her parents.

But why had they always been so severe with her and kept her isolated? When she took an old envelope from her bag, she was able to immediately answer this question.

She took a letter from the envelope and began reading it while holding her hand in front of her face…

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Greetings, Meg

We’ve left if you’re reading this. Despite our ineptness as parents, we still wanted to tell you how much we loved you.

We tried to safeguard you as best we could since you were the most precious gift we’d ever been allowed to receive.

It wasn’t always straightforward. After witnessing a crime, your father and I were placed in the witness protection program and forced to go into hiding.

We nurtured you in seclusion as well, for fear of being discovered. Something we eventually came to regret.

Honey, you’re doing fine, and you know how much we adore you.


‘Your father and mum’

Megan’s cheeks welled up with tears as she read the letter. She felt the affection of her parents for the first time in her life, which she had been longing for.


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