When an Amazon delivery guy sees a 5-month-old in a car seat on the side of the road, he slams on the brakes.

The driver wanted to cry when he saw the baby.

Have you ever witnessed something so frightening that you wondered if what you were seeing was real? That’s exactly what happened to one fellow delivery driver, who assumed he was in for a typical day.


As an Amazon delivery driver, your typical day consists of following your assigned routes, dropping off products, and avoiding dogs (only sort of kidding). Finding a newborn by the side of the road, on the other hand, was just another day’s job for one man.


Baby carrier

Juan Carlos Flores, the driver, was driving down the road when he observed a baby carrier over to the side.


“I wanted to cry when I saw that infant,” Flores added.

He decided to double-check everything and discovered what he had just stumbled upon. The carrier contained a baby who had been abandoned.

“Who could have the compassion to abandon the youngster by the side of the road?” Flores explained

He went over to his neighbour’s house and enquired if the youngster was theirs!


Surprisingly, it wasn’t. This was done on purpose.


Obtaining assistance

Flores knocked on a homeowner’s door who came out and performed the only thing he knew how to do. He stepped outside, took a seat inside, and dialled 911. Flores was on his way to complete dropping off the things he still needed to deliver because he had nothing better to do.


He decided to swing by where the infant was found on his way back to see how things were progressing.


The cops had arrived and were searching the entire neighbourhood! Flores then showed the officers the temporary residence where the baby was kept.

Everything was recorded.

Surprisingly, the dropoff was captured on video by a nearby doorbell camera!


Things aren’t quite as they appear.

In the footage, a man pulls over, exits the vehicle for a little moment, and then abandons the carriage by the side of the road. It appears unusual until you realise what happened only a few minutes prior.

The man had taken the automobile and had no idea there was a baby inside!

A woman had contacted 911 minutes before reporting that her automobile had been stolen! This is what was recorded during the call:

“Units on their way to a car robbery. “She indicated the youngster was in the vehicle during the call,” investigators said on police audio obtained through Broadcastify.

While her infant was inside, the scared mother’s car was stolen. When the vehicle driver understood what had happened, he quickly dumped the infant.

20 minutes long

Flores then found the infant, resting there for nearly 20 minutes!


“It showed the infant being dropped off, the baby was there for about 20 minutes, and approximately six vehicles drove by, and nobody saw,” Garcia added. “We wouldn’t have noticed stuff on the corner because it was garbage day.”

Flores had no idea he’d be the main character in a rescue story the next day! It was simple for the police to connect the infant to the mother and reunite the two when they put the pieces together. The police have yet to locate the automobile, but the vehicle is a minor concern compared to her child’s safety for a mother.

In the video below, you can see the courageous drivers’ attempts. He was in the ideal location at the perfect time.

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