When I die

When I die
When I die, don’t come to my grave to tell me how much you loved me and how much you missed me. If you ever showed me so much care and love when I was alive probably I couldn’t have gone.
Most at times, people die of loneliness and depression. We often seem to let social media and the internet consume our time that we have less time for people around so.
We are making friends with people in distant places while we are already distanced from people around us. Life can be ironical.
Show love to people around you, give them roses when they are alive and not to their grave. Feed them if they are hungry than organizing a burial worth millions of naira or buying the most expensive casket for them
Smile and cry with them when they are alive and not on their death bed.
The little things we do for people occupy the most significant parts of their life. Show love to people around you, be there for people and create happiness, spread happiness to people around you.
You can save a depressed soul today; you can save someone from a suicide thought just by the little words you can offer them or by being a listening ear to all they have to say.
Even if no one cares to be there for you, believe you are healthy and can pull through the hard stages you are going through. Someone has been in your shoes before, and they made it. Believe that someday everything will be alright.

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