When I get old I don’t want people thinking

When I get
old I don’t want
people thinking,
“What a sweet little
old lady.” I want ’em
saying, “Oh crap!
What’s she up to now?”

This quote is simply stressing how insignificant it is to be remembered only as an old beautiful but lazy person who did not use her chance in existence to work her socks off when she has the lively chance to do so, and how fulfilled it is to be known as an individuals that give the last blood in her vein to life before kissing the dust and returning to his ancestors.

When every one of us are coming into this world as a newborn, we come differently each of us with our package of skills, talent, purpose and desires. Humanity believes that these qualities we possess are meant to be used to change the world in our own little ways since the first day we arrive till the last day we will live. This means that we are supposed to die empty when the time arrives. Dying empty means that we have used the skills and talents live affords us to serve the world positively, enthusiastically and with all our strength.

It is however saddening that due to laziness, lack of motivation and other ill-fated circumstances a man could normally face in life, a lot of people choose to live the easy life of coming into this world only to satisfy themselves, live and die without necessarily impacting life or making any significant change. They believe that it takes a lot of effort to impact lives and so they choose the easy path of selfishness and personal satisfaction for themselves. These are the sweet little old ladies. However, this is not considered good enough.

Since this is therefore the case, the ones that change the world with their own skills and talents are regarded as those that have worked off their socks and die empty without taking any of those good qualities to the grave. They are the craps that left good tidings behind. Their earthly disposition is therefore the reason people always wonder what next they will be up to in the grave. They are the craps but impactful craps.

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