When mom discovers her newborn in the delivery room, she is astounded, and her comments start to spread like wildfire

Little Brenna’s tale serves as a reminder that parental love is unconditional and that it is possible to overcome any challenges.

Some parents out there give up on their kids simply because they are different-looking.

Because of this, we must share motivating tales with people in which parents and kids demonstrate that no obstacle is too significant as long as you work together.

It’s also a crucial lesson for those who have made assumptions about someone based on their appearance.

When Courtney and Evan Westlake learned that Courtney was pregnant once more, they were still enjoying life with their son Connor.

The couple was delighted to learn that their family would be growing.

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They anticipated their first ultrasound like any other pregnant couple.

Every time they left the hospital, the physicians reassured them that their developing child appeared to be doing just well.

Connor was going to have a little sister, and Courtney and Evan discovered they were expecting a female a few months into the pregnancy!

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The couple was ecstatic and started picturing all the benefits a new girl would bring to their family.

Dad Evan joked, “I’ll have to learn how to braid hair now.”

The big day arrived just a few weeks before New Year’s Eve. The baby girl was born, but the couple’s preparations to welcome her to her new home were derailed entirely.

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Brenna, their daughter, was born with thick, white scales covering her body. She was immobile, suffering from a soaring body temperature, and had sores all over her body.

Brenna needed intensive care immediately, or else she wouldn’t make it.

Only two weeks after their daughter’s birth, Courtney and Evan finally got to hold her for the first time.

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They learned that Brenna was born with Harlequin ichthyosis, a dangerous inherited condition. Brenna’s body produces skin ten times too quickly due to the state.

Her eyes, lips, nose, and ears are also affected, and her entire body becomes crimson.

The condition is incurable and frequently lethal.

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The parents were aware of the numerous physical difficulties associated with Harlekin ichthyosis and faced a difficult path ahead of them.

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While out with Brenna, Courtney frequently encounters strangers who point, yell, or ask inappropriate questions.

It depresses her. Due to Brenna’s unusual appearance, she can see why kids are interested in her.

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However, Courtney is most upset by the responses she receives from many parents. As soon as they see Brenna, they take their kids away from her and tell them to be quiet when they get close to her.

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Instead of turning away and leaving the playground, Courtney would instead that parents to approach her and Brenna and engage them in conversation.

Brenna is a proud and self-assured little girl who doesn’t let anything tear her down. She has self-confidence because of all of her family’s encouragement.

Particularly from older brother Connor, who adores his younger sibling.

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Why do parents want to avoid engaging with persons who have different looks? What causes their phobias? They might approach me and inquire about Brenna’s age,” Courtney explains.

Why can’t parents be straightforward and reply, “I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter how we appear,” when their child inquires why Brenna is so red and swollen? Each of us is different?”

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Despite their difficult days, Evan, Courtney, and Connor are justifiably proud of their little fighter.

Dad Evan bathes his kid every night, which requires cautious and deliberate execution every time.

The same man making jokes about braiding her daughter’s hair now gently but methodically rubs her to remove scaly skin.

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Brenna has less hair due to the condition, but her father meticulously combs what she does have every day.

And Brenna is essentially just like any other youngster. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing games, and reading bedtime stories to her dad and big brother.

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Even though life hasn’t gone quite as they had hoped, Brenna’s parents are adamant that she can achieve everything she sets her mind to.

On her blog Blessed by Brenna, Courtney now frequently discusses the life of her family. She has also authored a book called A Different Beautiful, which was released in August 2016.

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The family aspires for their honest and poignant account to aid others in appreciating and comprehending those who have distinctive appearances.

Brenna is stunning in her current state.

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Together, we can ensure that every child grows up happy and free from discrimination.

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