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When Spending Time With Your PARENTS Seems Like too much effort

When Spending Time

Seems Like too much
effort, Remember One
Day, All you’ll have is
The Memories.. ~unknown~

For most of us, spending time with our parents seems like a chore. We would prefer to stay with our friends and people around our age that understand us. But the truth is that nothing can replace the love and care that a parent offers to his child. That’s why you need to remind yourself how important your parents really are for you.

Sure, sometimes they can be very hard to deal with, and they might make you unhappy. Or maybe you just feel misunderstood. These things happen, but at the end of the day you have to realize that the more you focus on menial things, the more you will miss the important aspects in your life. Your parents are a pivotal part of your life, whether you like it or not.

The older you get, the older they become and you will have a limited amount of time to make memories with them. Those memories will be cherished forever, so instead of staying away from your parents, it’s a much better idea to stay with your parents and connect with them as much as possible. Even if it doesn’t feel like a lot, the primary focus is to be there for them and visit new locations, explore places and so on. At the end of the day when your parents will pass away, all you will have is these memories with them. So instead of avoiding your parents, go and embrace them, because you might have a limited amount of time to spend with them. And you should make the most out of that!

8 thoughts on “When Spending Time With Your PARENTS Seems Like too much effort”

  1. Which memory would you like to start with? The time she accused me of purposely breaking some cheap-ass ceramic bird because “you love your father more than me”? Or the time she accused me of stealing (I didn’t) and made me stay in the car while she went shopping? Or the day she was so oddly *mean* that I was truly frightened of her? Or the time I found out my father was sending me gifts and she was withholding them from me and giving them away to someone else? Or the time she called me at work to insist that I change the date of my wedding to accommodate another family member, and then play ignorant when I got upset? Or the time she threw a fit when I said I didn’t need her glass-top coffee table? Or the time I had a wreck in the snow and her first words were “who’s going to pay for that?”
    Take your pick.

    1. I can honestly say that I was floored by the wave of emotions that came over me when my mother finally passed away. I really thought I was prepared and ready for her death. I mean 2 years to prepare and accept the reality of what was happening and yet I was so lost and confused and heartbroken when it finally happened and I am still struggling to find my way and move on with life. I have yet to find the answer as to how I am going to do that though because I just can’t accept the finality of her passing and the fact that I am never going to see her or hear her voice again. And FYI time does not heal all and the pain and sadness in your heart does not get easier or better.

    2. You deserved a good mother! I am sorry that you didn’t get one. Some mothers don’t know any better & make mistakes but some should never have been mothers. My heart breaks for you. Grieve not having the mother you deserve. Don’t let others make you feel guilty limiting your contact with her. Not lowering yourself to be mean in return but setting boundaries as I’m sure you know is healthy & preserves your sanity. Whether she had/has a mental disorder or she came from an abusive family herself, she caused you great pain & trauma. Understanding why she was that way may help relieve bitterness and as she ages she might change. I’ve seen this change occur in my husband’s relatives as they aged they softened.

      My best friend had a horrid mother. He stays in touch but on his terms. She comes across selfish & harsh yet can’t understand why he doesn’t respond to her texts or phone calls when she expects him to. She is needy & rude at times. She was a survivor of many things but she was not a loving mother. He rarely sees her but has at times taken her to doctor appointments & takes out her trash or such but he doesn’t bow to her every request. My friend is amazing & it’s surprising he is so well adjusted & has such a positive outlook on life due to his childhood & other traumas from family members. He has always landed on his feet throughout his life. Now 50 & an amazing human being despite his mother.

      I wish you well & that your past won’t negatively affect your future any longer.

  2. Remember the good things about your parents, not the bad. Don’t be judgmental, leave that for God. They did the best they knew how to, even if it wasn’t good enough. We tend to coolly or parents so make sir it’s positive. They gave you life, You only get one. Make it count.

  3. I’m so sorry you had a bad childhood growing up. But just a little food for thought. As I now have grown older, I look back on things as well, but as our parents grew up we have no idea what kind of life our parents had or what and how they were taught, brought up and raised. I know we as an adult can change and do things differently if we didn’t like the way we were raised/treated. I just thankful I had a Mom that I could call my Mom, compared to one who have grown up and never had a Mom for one reason or another. There is many person that never had that opportunity. There is something in people lives that make them the way they are, even though we may not understand it. Life is what we make it. I pray if you Mom is still living that there will be some kind of understanding/reconciliation between you both. Please don’t hold a grudge for your Mom. Don’t give up!

  4. Hey there I wish I had done this differently my mum adopted me when I was a baby and I am now 18 she recently passed away from cancer 4 months ago now from cancer and she left it to long to get treatment or help but she pesfuly passed in wikato hospital but I still really miss her and now my owen family had turned on me because it’s all about the money for them

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