When You are in a position to help someone

whenever you’re in a position
to help someone, be glad and
always do it because that’s
God answering someone else’s
prayers through you. Amen

When my arms
can’t reach people close
to my heart I hug them
with my prayers. I asked
God to watch over them
And somehow let them
know in litte ways I care.
Amen! -unknown

“Prayer is both conversation and
encounter with God. . . .We must
know the awe of praising his glory,
the intimacy of finding his grace, and
the struggle of asking his help, all
of which can lead us to know the
spiritual reality of his presence.”
-Tim Keller

God, I pray for healing
& comfort for anyone dealing
with heartache. I pray that they
find refuge in You in the midst
of their pain. May You continue
to give them the strength to
keep going. To push through
these dark moments & know
You are with them every
step of the way.”

It’s like someone who
prays every night saying
God’s a good listener.
Just because you’re
talking to us does’
mean we”re listening.
With me and God,
you never really know.
-Paul Neilan

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