While visiting premature twins in the NICU, a soldier spouse sneaks into the hospital to surprise his wife

When Skyler Cooper served as a Kansas Army National Guard member for seven months in Kuwait, the latter was most certainly on his mind. His wife Cydney was expecting a child at the moment, and with two small sons, Leighton and Corbett, to care for, the pressure was increasing…

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Cydney, you see, was expecting twin girls. Skyler was supposed to return home in late spring, according to Her View From Home.

However, things took an unexpected turn when she became ill with the flu at only 33 weeks pregnant, causing her to deliver prematurely. Emma and Kyla had to stay in the NICU, but Cydney needed to return home because she had two other children.

Of course, once she did, she was a very busy woman, what with all the trips to and from the hospital.

She was “hanging on by a string” at the time, in her words.

Cydney Cooper / Facebook

She had no idea that a pleasant surprise awaited her just around the corner. She received a text from her husband inquiring how they were doing while sitting in the hospital with one of her 2-week-old babies in her arms.

Skyler stepped into the room moments later, holding an American flag balloon and flowers in his hand.

Even though he’d been planning the surprise for a few weeks, he couldn’t have imagined his wife’s reaction.

“I was in shock,” Cydney said on Good Morning America. I was relieved because I had been jumping around so much between our guys and the” girls.” I felt as if I needed to retake a breath.

Cydney posted on Facebook, “1000s of miles, 1 solitary pregnancy and delivery, 48392 Skype calls, some superheroes, a few plane journeys, 12 NICU days, plenty of help from family and friends, and many tears later.” “A soldier has returned home.”

Cydney Cooper / Facebook

We send our best wishes and prayers to this family, and we’re glad you were able to stay strong through such a trying time!

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