Who has the power?

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When all this is over,
let’s remember that it wasn’t
the CEO’S & billionaires who
Saved Us. It was the nurses,
janitors, truck drivers and
grocery workers. -unknown

We always believe that billionaires and CEOs are the ones with all the power in the world. But the truth is that we are wrong in a situation like this. When a pandemic like the Covid 19 one comes, we clearly see who is actually the one with the power. Nurses, truck drivers, janitors and grocery workers are the backbone of our society. They are the ones that are constantly showing the true importance of life and how things can reach an entirely new level. It’s a great idea to consider and challenges can always appear. But if you tackle things correctly, nothing will stand in your way.
Even billionaires or CEOs can get sick, and they will come rushing to the doctors and nurses that are working all the time to try and make people better. All the money in the world can’t buy health, so in the end what really matters is finding the right approach and constantly pushing things to the next level in a proper and clear manner. Yes, of course there are challenges that can arise, and when you do that wisely, nothing will be impossible.
That’s why you need to understand who is actually powerful in life and how that power manifests. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, the true power is the one that comes from people, those that keep our society clean, safe and full of the stuff we need!

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One thought on “Who has the power?

  • April 5, 2020 at 1:15 am

    We all need unity and work out all the curses we created and replace it with godly genuine love so we can move forward with the one that made us and be glad we did, move forward as God leads not what we want but God’s will. Those that need you o lord let them call unto you while theres time right now and serve you gladly forever.


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