With his ticket still in his wallet, a Michigan lottery winner drowns.

A Michigan guy won $45,000 in a lotto game, but he drowned while trying to cash the ticket in his wallet.


On September 13, Gregory Jarvis, 57, was at the Blue Water Inn in Caseville when he played the Club Keno add-on game The Jack — and won the jackpot, according to WJRT of Flint.

Dawn Talaski, the joint owner, told the television channel, “Very kind person, he was here every day.” “Someone told him that someone had just won The Jack, and he answered, ‘Great,’ and then someone said, ‘was it you?’ and it was, so he was ecstatic.”

Jarvis returned to the inn over a week later, Talaski said, and bought rounds of drinks, but he had yet to pay his winning ticket because he lacked the necessary papers.

She told WJRT that he couldn’t cash it because he didn’t have a Social Security card, and the one he did have wasn’t valid, so he applied for a new one.

When Jarvis failed to show up for work as usual, the business owner grew anxious.

“Sometimes he’s up north working, and we suspected something was wrong because he hadn’t been here all week,” she explained, adding that Jarvis’ supervisor subsequently showed up at the pub to tell he hadn’t been at work.

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A homeowner along a private beach in the small Huron County town reported to authorities on Friday that a body had washed up near a boat, which was later discovered to be Jarvis’.

“We believe he was tying up his boat when he slipped and fell, struck his head, and fell into the water,” said Police Chief Kyle Romzek to WJRT. “There is no evidence of wrongdoing.”

Jarvis drowned after smacking his head, according to an autopsy.

“He planned to use that money to visit his sister and father in North Carolina,” Talaski explained.

Jarvis’ relatives have been given the winning ticket.

According to the Michigan Lottery Commission, winners of wins worth more than $600 must produce a photo ID and their Social Security card to claim their prizes.

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