Woman asks if she’s wrong to turn away child from her daughter’s birthday party because the kid was not invited

The child’s parents accused the mother of upsetting their child, but she did not modify her mind.

One mother turned to Reddit after telling a child that he was not invited to her daughter’s birthday celebration. The mother’s niece asked followers on the social networking platform if she was correct.

The mother of three began her article by expressing her disapproval of parents who drop their children off at birthday celebrations to which they were not invited. “I’m a mother of three, and I’m sure you’ve attended many birthday parties and had the misfortune of witnessing that one parent who constantly drops their kids off and departs without considering that not everyone was invited. More than one parent sometimes does this, and I believe it is selfish. Everything would be OK if everything had been pre-arranged with the hosting family, but this isn’t always the case. Who could refuse a child? It isn’t their fault, after all, “the mother penned.

The mom then described what occurred at her 10-year-old daughter’s birthday celebration. Due to the epidemic, she had planned to take all of the kids to a craft event where they would be given a pre-selected and pre-paid making kit.

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The mother stated that she had notified other parents about the plans and even told them that extra children would not receive their crafting kits because the event was pre-paid.

“Because this is a per-child prepaid event, any additional children will be unpaid and not receive their making kit. This fact was often underlined to the parents, and there was no expression of dissatisfaction, “the mother penned. Despite notifying the parents, one dad decided to bring both of his children to the party, one of whom was not invited.

The mother became irritated. She said that the uninvited child would be unable to attend the celebration. As a result, the youngster began to have tantrums, and the child’s parents criticized the mother for being so obstinate.

“I stuck to my guns and told the parent that child B would not be able to come. When child B threw the largest tantrum, the parent did not attempt to calm him down; instead of blaming me for saying no and ‘all the other parents usually let both children attend,’ I adhered to my decision. “According to Reddit, the mother claimed. The mother informed Reddit users that sharing a craft kit would have been unfair to both of the children.

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“I wouldn’t have made a fuss, gritted my teeth, and dealt with my views on the topic if it had been a quiet at-home gathering. However, sharing a craft box with child A or B is hardly fair because this was a paid-per-child event. “The mother expressed her thoughts.

The parent, dissatisfied with the mother’s treatment of the unwelcome youngster, brought both children home. “Parent A eventually took both children home, and I clenched my teeth about my thoughts about a child we had already paid for who would not be going. When parent A was told no, I almost anticipated it, “the mother penned.

Meanwhile, a parent who was present at the event informed the mother that she should have allowed the uninvited youngster to attend. “I feel teaching my children the value of your word and keeping to it is more important than saving the feelings of a child and parent who should know better,” the mother ended in her article.

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Even though it appeared to be a severe measure, many Reddit users backed the mother and defended her conduct. They even said that it was not uncommon for parents to send all of their children to a party even if only one was invited. “Those obnoxious parents in the group will now know that you are not the one. I’m sure they’ll think twice about dumping extra children on other parents. Children’s parties may be costly, so I understand your annoyance. “One was written. Another person replied, “It happens all the time. That same parent is usually the one that is late picking up their children from the party. It’s quite inconvenient.”

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