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Worst feeling

The worst feeling in the world isn’t heartbreak; it when you realize that you will never get to spend time with someone you love for the rest of your life.

Life has two elements, living, and death. These two have a series of processes that happen to many.

Death is an inevitable end. No matter how we try to run from it, when the maker starts calling, we all go back to where we come from. 

The loss of a loved one is a pain we never get to forget, and we live with it.

No matter how we try to act like we can pull through, we find ourselves in that mud of painful memories and sad emotions.

We often the rest of our lives, thinking about them and the memories we had together.

Death isn’t the end of all. It’s the beginning of a new process.

We shouldn’t be saddened or weighed down by the loss of a loved one forever.  Death is inevitable, and we don’t have control over it or know who might be next.

It might be you or someone around you. Let us not wallow in shallows or grief. Live every moment of your life like it’s the last. Be happy, and hope for a better day.

No one knows tomorrow. This might be my last article, who knows, but I’m going to live the rest of my life like I have all the time in the world.

Be happy because you are living for the moment and at the moment, not the past.       

7 thoughts on “Worst feeling”

  1. My son passed away 8 months ago today due to bad drugs. Even though i knew someday something like this would happen due to his sickness I still miss him and would love to hear the words HI MOM once more. He was 55 yrs.a brother a son, a father and a uncle who loved him dearly. Time will heal,

  2. My Dad, my hero, my boss, my ‘everday’ passed away just before the Covid-19 hit. We were able to have his service the day before lock down. So with that said I have felt so lost and empty and down without him in my “everyday’. It’s hard to adjust to ‘the new normal’ without him here with us. Family has gone thru this twice before so we know how to ‘stick’ together. We know how to hold the other up when it ‘hits’ us. And it goes around to each one of us like a pinball bouncing around knocking down one at a time. We know to take each day for everything thing it has to offer and step by step we go on…yes like trudging through mud.

  3. My dad died suddenly in 1970 when I was 14 and he was 42. I am 64 now and not a day passes that I don’t miss him. You never get over losing someone, you just have to learn to live with the pain of it.

  4. My husband of almost 60 years passed away less than two weeks ago, so due to the ugly virus I was not allowed to be with him, nor were any of our four sons. Now even when I see my sons I have to be at least 6 feet away from them and because I live in a retirement home I’m not allowed off the property. It is all heart wrenching. These lovely words of wisdom help bring some comfort. We are all supporting each other as best we can through Facebook, video visiting……….walking in my parking lot and lots of phone calls, where we take turns crying. I’m going to try harder to live in the moment and enjoy all the trees, flowers, birds, water, blue and grey skies and yes the snow and sleet and bad winds………..everything in nature is to be treasured and I’m also going to try to do as much good as I can in the time I have left. I have twins who will be 59 years old tomorrow and I’m going to treasure the memories of all the joy they’ve provided me for all those years. Love one another, be kind, be thankful, be safe, be well.

  5. My daughter died a month ago. I keep finding things she wrote to me.. I’m trying to keep busy. But I’m having a hard time doing that. I miss her so much.

  6. My fiancé passed almost two years ago. I kiss my engagement ring and say “Good Morning, Baby, I love you!” every day. I talk to him, think about him and still use the silly words and sayings that he used to use. I think of death as a transition – sort of like a hermit crab moving into a better shell. The Bible says “God is Life” and “God is the Alpha and Omega” (or the beginning and the end, referring to the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet). So, if the beginning of life is life and the end of life is life, what else can there be, but life? Since we are the children of God, we are “god stuff”, so the saying should be true for us, as well. Therefore, if life is eternal, there is nothing to lose and no reason to mourn. Our loved ones are continuing their lives, just on a different plane of existence than we currently occupy. I miss having Joe with me, but am comforted by my belief that he is healthy and happy and continuing his journey of life’s unfoldment.

  7. what hurts a mother more than any thing is for her children to act like they don’t need her any more and has turned their back on her.
    mothers love their children no matter what they say to her all is put behind her she has a love for her children that will never end.

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