Does your man have these behaviors? Then you shouldn’t ever let him go

There are more women than men in many dating pools all over the world, but that doesn’t women shouldn’t set their standards.

Many people end up in toxic relationships these days because they don’t check for certain traits or values in their men, they just check the physical attributes and when it ticks the box, they feel they have found the one.

Meeting a good man doesn’t happen all the time so when you do make sure you hold on to him because that might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Having great looks is nice, but what’s on the inside will always supersede every other attribute.

Here are some of the standards you have to set for yourself while looking for a man:

1. Is he Honest and Kind?

These two values are great and should be one of the set standards to look out for in a man. For someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, there will always be good and bad days, will he always remain kind even on days nothing seems to be working, the fights and the times you have to go hours or days without talking to each other.

Will you be able to trust the words that come out of his mouth or his actions?

If he has these qualities then he’s a good one.

2. Protective and Supportive: These type of men aim to make you feel safe around them and encourages their partner to chase their dreams and be a better person. They love being in your life and helping when it’s necessary.

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3. Emotionally Intelligent: Long lasting and happy relationship can only be achieved when your partner is emotionally intelligent and stable. When you find a man with these traits keep him because he cares about you and knows how his actions will affect you and will know better ways of handling a crisis when it arises.

4. Willing to put effort: A relationship only works when both partners are willing to put effort into making it their safe place. There will always be bad and rough days, does he understand that and is willing to put in the work, then you should keep him.

It’s always wise to set standards for people you move with because even without knowing it, you become like them. You can’t force someone to start confirming your standards or values, all you can do is watch out for these traits before you make your choice.

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