When you see these signs; know that the universe is testing you

The Universe always finds a way to talk to us to guide us through our journey in life. It can be a demanding situation, a hurdle we feel like we can’t pass, but the universe never gives us anything we can’t handle. These situations are aimed at making us better, learning, and finding our unique paths.

Here are some signs that show the universe is speaking to you:

1. Difficulty in your relationship or plans

The universe usually operates in ways we find confusing or just not what we expect. We make plans for our life, graduate from high school, go to college, and go after our dreams, and sometimes it doesn’t just go like we want it. We feel all things were made to work against us or life isn’t nice to us.

(Photo by NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI via Getty Images)

Sometimes, we feel unmotivated and even choose to do nothing and watch what life has in store for us.

The Universe always operates in its unique way, to guide us towards better paths and to bring harmony to the system. Our goals might not be in line with what the divine has set for us, the universe redirects us to what is made for us.

2. The universe will test you by placing hurdles in your path

No one has life easy, it’s not that it loves to see us suffer it’s just to maintain an equilibrium and for us to stop living in an illusion. Nothing lasts forever, your all-perfect life can turn sour the next moment and you will be wondering where you got it wrong or what you did to deserve this.

All you have to do is remain calm, the all-knowing won’t let what is bigger than you come close to you, so he believes in you and you are going to get past this. Don’t preserve.

3. When you lose all you have acquired

We often spend a good part of our time acquiring wealth and all worth not forgetting that our stay on earth is temporary. We forget the divine and how we got all that we have. We take pride in our possessions and boast of all that we have forgetting that all these are vanity and won’t always be there.

Help those around you with what you have, even if they aren’t in a situation to give you back. Do things without expecting, the universe will come through for you.

Troubles, challenges, and setbacks aren’t the worst that can happen, take them as signs from the universe that is shaping your life for the better. It’s all temporary, everything is going to be okay.

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